Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation
Attic insulation can help lower your energy bills. Improperly installed installation, however, can create a fire hazard. Be sure to use the following tips for a new and existing attic insulation.

  • Keep insulation away from all heat source, furnaces, water heaters, recessed light fixtures, fan motors, doorbell transformers, chimney, flues and vents.
  • Install barrier made of non-combustible material around the above heat sources.
  • Keep insulation away from all bare wire or ”knob and tube” wiring.
  • Keep the air supply openings to the forced-air furnace free of any insulation.
  • Leave attic or eave vents uncovered.
  • Periodically check attic for insulation movement.
  • Contact a state-licensed insulation contractor if you have any questions about proper installation.