Gas Metering

Paris Henry County Public Utility District will provide services related to the design and construction of natural gas meter and regulator stations. Representative deliverables may include:

  • Complete industry-compliant meter and regulation design specifications
  • Project construction management and start-up support
  • Maintenance Management

Specific Requirements

The scheduling of all Meter and Regulator Services will be prioritized in a non-discriminatory fashion in a manner such that the provision of such services will not interfere with the ongoing business obligations of Paris Henry County Public Utility District. Services available only in Henry County, Tennessee.

Documentation and Pricing

Upon signing a confidentiality agreement, job scope and project time frame will be negotiated. Pricing will be based on a time and materials basis using Paris Henry County Public Utility District standardized rates for outside services.

Credit Requirements

All parties interested in pursuing these opportunities must provide satisfactory evidence of creditworthiness and corporate responsibility.