Pipeline Safety

Pipeline Safety
Keeping natural gas pipelines in good shape is key to providing safe, reliable energy to our customers. Here is some helpful pipeline service information.

How natural gas gets to your home
The Natural Gas Company receives natural gas from producers and suppliers located outside our service area of Henry County, Tennessee. We monitor the gas for quality, odorize it and then deliver it through our 340 miles of pipeline.

Pipeline maintenance and improvement via our Pipeline Integrity Management Plan
The Natural Gas Company patrols, inspects, tests, repairs, replaces and maintains its pipelines. We demonstrate our commitment to safety by meeting or exceeding federal and state requirements for safe pipeline operations. Our ongoing pipeline improvement plan includes replacing older pipelines when needed with modern pipeline materials, expanding our system to bring in new gas supplies, and helping to minimize system damage that could be caused by earthquakes. In areas that are designated High Consequence Areas, primarily highly populated areas, The Natural Gas Company has implemented a rigorous Integrity Management Program which uses the latest pipeline safety inspection tools to check pipe condition and ensure these pipelines are maintained safely.

Signs of a gas pipeline leak
As a result of our safety commitment, natural gas pipeline leaks are rare. However, leaks can occur due to natural disasters, damage by third-party contractors, or hidden corrosion.
That’s why it’s important to learn how to recognize a pipeline leak:

  • We add a distinctive odor to natural gas so that leaks can be easily detected.
  • A hissing, whistling or roaring sound near a pipeline may indicate escaping natural gas. (Special markers show the location of most major pipelines.)
  • A damaged connection to a gas appliance.
  • Dead or dying vegetation over or near a pipeline.
  • A fire or explosion near a pipeline.
  • Exposed pipeline after an earthquake, fire, flood or other disaster.

If you suspect a leak …

  • Stay calm.
  • Don’t light a match, candle or cigarette.
  • Don’t turn electrical devices on or off – not even a light switch.
  • Call The Natural Gas Company immediately at 642-5635, your local fire department or 9-1-1.