What do I do if my gas bill seems higher than usual?

Check for the following:

  • Is the weather this month colder than it was last month — or than it was during the same month a year ago? Weather fluctuations have the most impact on your gas bill from month to month, and in Tennessee, sometimes our cold “winter” weather occurs during different months each year.
  • Does your furnace thermostat have an on/off switch? If not, the furnace will go on automatically when the temperature drops below the setting.
  • Are you or your family taking more showers, or washing and drying more laundry or dishes than you were previously?
  • Are any hot water pipes or fixtures leaking?
  • Have you turned your pool or spa heater burner valve to the “off” or “pilot” position for the winter? Simply turning the thermostat to the lowest setting may cause the heater to turn on if the temperature drops low enough.
  • Have you recently received a bill insert about an increase in gas rates?

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